Arnica Bruise Salve

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Arnica Bruise Salve works great even on bruises that have been there a while. Of course the earlier you get the salve on the bruise the quicker it will fade. Some bruise easier than others. This salve is a easy answer to that. Plus you don’t have to dip your fingers into anything. Just apply it since it is in stick form. Easy Peasy!

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orangic skin care Arnica bruise salve


Arnica Bruise Salve- provides speedy relieve for bruising and discoloration.


.46 oz

Directions: Massage into the bruise every few hours as needed.

Ingredients: Made with Organic Arnica montana, beeswax and Oragnic Europaea (olive) oil.

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  1. I love this bruise salve. It seems as I get older I get more clumsy and getting more bruises. This salve works great to lighten them quickly. Also I had some minor surgery and it worked wonders quickly on my face. Yeah!!!

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