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  • After Sun


    This After Sun Balm is DA BOMB. Infused oils in skin loving herbs. It has staying power without the grease. If you have crepey skin you want to give this a try. Just emulsify a little scoop between your hands and apply to face and body.

  • Anti-Aging Intense Body Lotion with DMAE & Organic Squalane


    Zensational Organics Anti-Aging Intense Body Lotion is made with loads of DMAE and Organic Olive Squalane. Squalane is a powerful anti-aging oil that promotes the formation of collagen for firmer plumper skin that absorbs quickly. Along with all the other beneficial ingredients that make this Body Lotion a POWERHOUSE. We make all our products rich and beneficial as possible without all the harmful chemicals.  After applying you will see how fast this body lotion absorbs and will leave your skin so soft for at least 24 hours. Since it is so fast to absorb you can get dressed right after applying without the worry of rubbing off or ruining your clothes.  Yeeeeeee Haaaaa!!!!

    *Non Greasy

    *Restores Elasticity

    *Diminishes Signs of Aging

    *Natural Moisturizer

    *Boosts New Cell Rejuvenation

    *Protects Against Damage

    *Helps Prevent Age Spots

    *Softens Rough Skin

    *Fast Absorbing





  • Awesome Salve


    Organic olive oil infused for six weeks with five organic powerful herbs that are antimicrobial, antibiotic, anti fungal and antiviral. Works fantastic for eczema, burns, bites, poison ivy, rashes, soothes razor burns, minor cuts, bruises, scrapes, stings, sunburn and much more.  WOW!!!  Can’t beat the price and every medicine cabinet should have one of these powerhouses.

  • Baby Bump Oil


    This powerful, all organic gentle oil will help prevent scarring and stretchmarks, as well as soothe red and dry stressed skin. Nourishing oil that is not just for a growing bump, but anyone in need of relief from itchy or stressed skin. Fast absorbing and lightly scented with soothing lavender essential oil.

  • Freshly Undercover Natural Deodorant


    Finally – truly natural and organic deodorant that actually works! You won’t be disappointed with this fresh citrusy smelling concoction. Just 3 to 5  spritzes under each arm, let dry, and then get dressed… or not… Totally up to you.

  • Hemp Extract Sleep Styx


    This little push tube packs a powerful 250mg of pure Hemp Extract in a salve that is super easy to use.  Just rub it on your chest and or stomach to help you get some much needed zzzzzzz.  Some say it also works  if you put a bit on the soles of your feet.

  • Miracle Body Oil


    Perfect for all skin types. Miracle Body Oil absorbs quickly and is perfect to hydrate and nourish your skin. Great to use after a shower and also anytime you feel you need more moisture. Massage well into skin and you will see the difference with softer skin and also helps diminish the appearance of crepey skin.

  • Quit Buggin’ Me! Insect Spray


    This terrific chemical-free and Deet-free item is a must have. It’s Zensational’s all natural insect spray! One of the essential oils added is Catnip, which is 10 times stronger than Deet, according to Iowa State University Agriculture Department. Just read the testimonials to see what others are saying about “Quit Buggin Me”!

  • zensational organics rescue lotion

    Rescue Lotion


    Best seller for 10 years. This amazing little 1 oz jar is infused with organic calendula flowers to soothe the intense itching from eczema and psoriasis along with stings and other skin irritations. All you need is a little dab to start feeling the relief. Finally! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! All organic and natural ingredients.

  • Summer Butter


    Summer Butter

    Rich and buttery for after sun care. Absolutely NO harmful chemicals. Your skin will drink this up. Check out all the organic ingredients down below. The scent is just the organic ingredients. No extra fragrance or oils added. Sometimes you just have to go all natural.
    For extra coolness keep in the fridge.

  • The Lube – Personal Lubricant


    Get your pleasure on with this all-organic and natural, long-lasting, non-sticky, personal lubricant. The Lube is meant to mimic natural lubricants for a natural feel. Intimacy with your partner (or solo!) should be about fun, not side effects.


  • Whippity Bobbidy Boo – Body Butter


    This whipped like crazy hand and body butter is so very decadent.  Organic, unrefined shea butter, organic, unrefined coconut oil, and a hint of organic lavender is a must have for sure.  Whippity is so rich and creamy a little goes a long way and it absorbs oh so nicely. Leaves your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom.