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Zensational Reviews

I’m here to tell you – I’m a believer! I was a skeptic on whether the 500mg Pain Balm would really work. I had been to an orthopedic surgeon and they told me I would need a knee replacement, but based on my age, we would start with medication and therapy. The pain was quite debilitating – so – I had nothing to lose.

In the beginning, I was using it 4-5x per day on the front and back of both knees. After four weeks, I am down to onece per day at night and I’ve cut my NSAID meds in half. Definitely a win for me!

I have bought other products from Zensational and have never been disappointed! There may be others selling pain balm out there, but if you are looking for truly organic, I highly recommend Zensational.

“Mary H”

The last six years, I have struggled with acne. It would never go away, no matter what I tried. And I tried everything! I was even put on Acutane for almost a year and that didn’t even help. I received your Face Jam Face Wash as a gift from my stepmom and it has been a miracle! It helps keep my acne under control; I almost never have breakouts now. And it gives perfect moisture to my skin and feels so good going on. The best part… 100% organic! So it feels even better knowing I’m treating my body with something natural.

“A Lifelong Customer”

I bought your Natural Deodorant at the Johnny Appleseed Festival. It’s amazing!!! Seriously, I was super skeptical, but it lasted 30 hours. No sweat, no smell, nothing! It’s still holding up to the test!


I was lucky enough to stumble on to you in the hallway of a church in Wadsworth a few months ago. I bought your Bippidy Boo cream and it is amazing. I was thrilled to see your products at Local Roots in Wooster. I live in Wooster and am so happy to see your product there. I bought more cream for my daughter for her birthday and some of the cream for bug bites. I hope you continue to sell your product at Local Roots!

“Sarah M”

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Rating: 5 out of 5.