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  • Chakra Energy Bracelets


    Chakra Energy Bracelets also helps to balance your energy centers and help to align your chakras.

    Bracelet should be worn on your left hand. That is known as your receiving side.

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    Energy Healing Sessions


    Energy Healing balances & works on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. Energy Healing works on the cause of problem areas & may help accelerate healing. Most can feel the energy flow through their body. Many feel energetic & others fall asleep during a session & continue to sleep for a while after.

    Choose between a virtual healing session or an in person hands on session.

  • Pi Xiu Black Obsidian Energy Bracelet


    PiXiu (PiYao) Black Obsidian Energy Bracelet. Powerful bracelet that has many benefits. Not only Energy but the PiXiu also is known to bring Good Luck, good Feng Shui, Protection and more. Black Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass and a powerful crystal.

    Bracelets are hand picked by Annie to be the perfect match for you. Styles/ colors may vary.

    Wear bracelet on your left hand which is your receiving side.