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Energy Healing balances & works on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. Energy Healing works on the cause of problem areas & may help accelerate healing. Most can feel the energy flow through their body. Many feel energetic & others fall asleep during a session & continue to sleep for a while after.



I am a Reiki Master and have studied many other healing modalities such as Star Magic, Quantum Touch, Ho’Oponopono and Yuen. Recently I have been doing Virtual Energy Healing Sessions that have been amazing. It doesn’t matter where you are located in the world. I use intuitive guidance and crystals to help guide the sessions. Your chakra’s (energy centers), organs, muscles etc will let me know what is ready for healing. It will be a truly wonderful experience!

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  1. Anonymous

    Annie has done energy healing to help me deal with multi level degenerative osteoarthritis pain. Along with her CBD Pain Balm these healing session have been life saving in terms of quality of life when dealing with chronic pain. I highly recommend a few session of healing with Annie and her zensational products!

  2. S.V.

    Quantum Energy Healing really works!
    I suffer from fibromyalgia and other ailments from working 12 hours a day. Annie did a session with me and I have to say I DID feel relief!
    The REAL test of authenticity of this Quantum Energy Healing came about 2 weeks ago. My daughter , who was 26 week pregnant was hospitalized having labor pains!
    She lives in another state. I ran into Annie, and in tears, asked her if she could try to help my daughter. I had a photo of my daughter on my phone and sent it to Annie.
    Annie proceeded to try and connect with my daughter and I called my daughter and had her just try to relax.
    Afterwords, my daughters contractions became minimal and she says she felt a “calming: feeling come over her.
    Fast forward to Thanksgiving eve, and my daughter was back in the hospital and the baby was in destress. I texted Annie in a panic, explained the situation, and she proceeded to connect with my daughter again.
    Soon after, the baby’s heart rate came back up to normal and the baby began to have increased movement.
    I TRULY BELIEVE that in both instances, Annie’s healing is the reason we have had favorable outcomes.
    And my daughter and I both know we can call on Annie to help us continue this journey.

    Annie is such a blessing!

  3. anonymous

    I am natural a skeptic and so when I head from Annie that she could use Star Magic from a distance, I thought no way, but I trusted Annie and did what she told me to do.
    Simple, she said ” just call me when you get home and lie down for 30 minutes.” I did as she said and soon was in a relaxed state of mind. I soon noticed a tingling sensation at the bottom of my right foot. My first response was “that’s odd” but I continued to feel more and more relaxed. Then I noticed my back and upper buttocks were experiencing the same sense of warmth. Interesting! To quiet my thoughts I reverted back to yoga breathing and just enjoyed the sense of peace and well being. Annie called me after 30 minutes and I was reluctant to let go of the peaceful state.
    Thank you so much Annie, I now am a believer!

  4. J

    What a wonderful experience. The remote Reiki was astounding. I have never felt free from angst in my life. Annie knows her way around finding your energy and helping to correct it. Our conversation after was also just as beautiful.

  5. anonymous

    Annie called at the appointed time and asked for specific aches and pains and feelings of discomfort. She gave two simple affirmations and suggested I lie down and rest in a quiet place, free from interruptions. I was having chest pressure and experiencing anger issues. She released a cord in my arm and wrist which was an attachment to something I didn’t want. About an hour after the session my chest pressure was gone and I had a different attitude about what I had to do. Annie is a gifted healer.

  6. L.P.

    First, let me say, I had NO idea what to expect, whatsoever, when I want into this. All Annie told me was to go to a quiet place, no interruptions, and I should lay still, could do yoga breathe and to just relax. Next, let me say, that my life is super busy/crazy and I normally have a very hard time shutting off my brain. I went into my darkened bedroom with no distractions. I had had a good night sleep the previous night, and it was only 11 a.m. when we started this. At first I recited whatever it was Annie had told me to focus on. Something like, ” I am open to healing.” I can’t remember the exact words now, two weeks later, but something like that. Very soon after starting this, my body started tingling. My arms, legs, and my entire body started tingling with with an almost vibration sort of feeling. I had told myself, prior to starting that whether it was I was going to feel, I would affirm. I found that I was able to clear my mind of all the clutter, which is usually not easy for me to do. I continued to feel the vibration and a strong sense of pressure like feeling in my neck and shoulders (where I have issues). It was not an uncomfortable feeling at all. Just a feeling. Annie had said this session would take 30 minutes. Before we started, I wondered, honestly, how I would be able to lie in my bed for 30 minutes, quietly, doing nothing, when I had so much to accomplish that Sunday. However, much to my GREAT surprise, I WOKE UP at 12:12, having fallen asleep! That is incredible for me! I literally, NEVER nap! EVER! I almost could not believe my eyes when I awakened! I called Annie immediately to tell her my results. I felt relaxed, my numbness felt better in my hands and feet and I felt ” at peace”. This was wonderful experience! Thank you, Annie!
    L. P.

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