Chakra Energy Bracelets

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Chakra Energy Bracelets also helps to balance your energy centers and help to align your chakras.

Bracelet should be worn on your left hand. That is known as your receiving side.



I am a Reiki Master and have studied many other healing modalities and have been doing Virtual Energy Healing Sessions that have been amazing. I wear different bracelets (chakra and Pi Xiu) while doing these sessions. My husband saw my chakra bracelet on the dresser and was impelled for some reason to put it on his wrist. He said to me… I put this on and my hip stopped hurting. OMG! The energy is transfered to the bracelets. This Life Force Energy never ceases to amaze me.
Now when working with bracelets I use essential oils and crystals and put in a average of 25 hours with them using a combination of modalities: Reiki/Quantum Touch/Star Magic/Ho’Oponopono and Yuen.
When I feel the bracelets are ready. Thats when they go up for sale.

2 reviews for Chakra Energy Bracelets

  1. Fay

    I receive so many compliments on these bracelets – I have a set of three

  2. Susie

    Bought one recently from Annie at the Farmers Market! It came charged with her healing energy & within a half hour of putting it on my joints felt less stiff!

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